Welcome to Delphic Wave ~

Transmission ~ Activation ~ Entrainment

~ There are no fixed positions in Fluidity ~ Nalini

Welcome to the One Flow!   This lifetime is unique, among so very many, a unique focal point among, in and between the worlds.  Every soul on  lovely Gaia has the opportunity to shift into lovespeed. Our options have shifted out of limitation into the infinite!  What does that mean?  We have the opportunity to live and have our beingness as Flow itself, the waveform(s) of Source. Welcome to the waves of unified Beingness.

The flow is the vibrational field where the heart, Source and perception, meet in an ecstasy of constant creating. Physicists know this as the quantum field. We know it as Source, our Great Mother. Each moment presents an opportunity for absorption in Her vibrant embrace. In each moment is the opportunity to live from within Divinity, as a visceral experience of Divine expression. You will find no ‘isms’ herein. You will find the choice to align as Truth.

The way of the Great Mother is the way of courage, in true alignment.  No path is gender-specific, as the divine is not gender-specific, even in the return to revered embodiment as the Great Mother in Her flow of ever-shifting forms.


“Give up to grace. The ocean takes care of each wave ’till it gets to shore.”      - Jalal ad-Din Rumi

Within the well of wisdomWithin the Well of Wisdom

Call forth from Her depths what you choose to
experience, and weave your way forward in the world of your choosing.

This Wave has been talked about in many ways and by all traditions.

Wherever you find yourself within it, know that you are loved, and the time is not ‘right’ it is ‘NOW’.

Come home to Centre – Source from Within